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Hello and welcome to Character Cake Designs, a speciality cake design and baking business based in Wordsley in the West Midlands, run by myself Richard and my wife Amanda. We are both very passionate about baking and designing cakes and have very similar stories of how we arrived at our Cake Baking & Desiging Business....

For as long as I can remember I have been in the kitchen watching my mother as she worked on wonderful cake recipes and designs for all sorts of celebrations and occasions. I would be given marzipan to have a go at making my own creations and this is started my passion for making, baking and creating unusual cake designs!

When my daughter was born in 2000, I naturally made all of her cakes for her birthday parties.  These cake designs attracted much admiration, followed by surprise when other parents realised it was me who had created them!  The word spread, and before long I was making cakes for children’s parties all over the West Midlands!

It wasn't long before my cakes were requested for adults too. Thanks to social media, several of my old school friends saw what I'd made and asked for cakes for their special events and celebrations.  What was once a hobby was now a busy cake making business for all occasions.

Amanda's cake making backround is very similar. Her sugarcraft skills are also thanks to her mother who went to college to learn this difficult and impressive art. As her mother's teacher had worked at Buckingham Palace, standards were very high, so you can imagine Amanda's excitement waiting to see and try what she had created!

When a family wedding was announced, expecting her mother to help me, Amanda offered to make the cake.  Knowing that Amanda was more than capable, her mother suggested Amanda make the cake on her own.  It was a great success and Amanda's cake making and decorating journey had well and truly started. 

Although we are both in the cake business, it was not through our cakes that we met!  Listening to a band in a pub one evening, my friend introduced us with the now famous phrase “Show Amanda your cakes Rich”, then Amanda’s friend said “Amanda makes cakes too” so we both stood there showing each other our cake pictures.   Our exciting journey began, two years later we were married and Character Cake Designs is now our flourishing joint business and passion.

We both owe a lot to our mothers for letting us be involved and encouraging our love of cakes.  Our styles are so very different, mine are carving, shaping and moulding shapes and figures, and Amanda's are more traditional royal icing and handmade sugar paste flowers, yet we complement each other perfectly.

Thanks to our mothers, Ruby and Valerie, for the start of our wonderful passion and journey. Thank you to our customers old and new for supporting our exciting Cake Design Business now and in the future.

Richard & Amanda


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