Mother's Day, Birthday, Wedding or 'Thank You'...The Versatility of Cupcakes Lets You Choose The Occasion...

Who Can Resist a Versatile & Delicions Cupcake made by Character Cake Designs?

We believe a Character Cake Design Cupcake is bigger and more tasty than most cupcakes!  Because we use larger muffin cases to bake our cupcakes and the very best quality fresh ingredients, you get a larger than normal cupcake with wonderful flavours and delicious toppings!

The great thing about cupcakes, apart from their great appearance and delicious taste, is their versatility.  They can be used for so many occasions. You can choose from individual cupcakes, boxes of cupcakes or have cupcakes designed to complement your main celebration cake. 

So why treat yourself or a friend, let us know your favourite flavours and designs and we'll make them for you!

Paw Patrol Cupcakes

Pink Princess Cupcakes

Thomas The Tank Engine Cupcakes

Chocolate & Lemon Cupcakes