We'll Make The Most Special Cake For Your Very Special Day....

A Traditional or Modern Wedding Cake? Just let Us Know...

At Character Cake Designs we know that your wedding cake will be the most important cake you will ever have to choose and what an integral part of your special occasion it is.

It will be the cake of your dreams, whether one tier, two tier, three tier, four tier or even more, we will create your perfect Wedding Cake to your own unique design. Your cake could be plain or with beautiful sugarcraft decoration, it could have special flowers to match your bouquet, it could be seasonal, the ideas are endless and it's your choice.

It's your big day and your special cake, so share your ideas with us and we will turn them into a stunning reality to complement your wedding day.

Three Tier Traditional Wedding Cake

Two Tier Hearts Wedding Cake

Five Tier Traditional Wedding Cake

Three Tie Winter Wedding Cake

Traditional Wedding Cake

Snowman Wedding Cake